Welcome Letter from the Chair

Prof Cherie Armour  Chair of the RESPECT Network Associate Dean (Research and Impact), Ulster University

Prof Cherie Armour
Chair of the RESPECT Network
Associate Dean (Research and Impact), Ulster University

The RESPECT Network is a collaborative multi-disciplinary research group, formed in early 2015, from across many organisations (university and otherwise) from both the North and South of Ireland. All members of RESPECT have a common shared interest in the promotion of safe relationships for all. Our members have a long history in conducting research with and working at the forefront of policy and service delivery for those individuals who have had adverse relationship experiences and for those who can benefit from interventions and activities promoting safer relationships.

RESPECT researchers have worked in the field of intimate partner violence, intimate partner homicide, risk assessment, interpersonal poly-victimisation, child welfare policy, child care and family support, childhood maltreatment, family law, police responding to domestic violence incidents, issues surrounding sexual violence disclosures, campus based sexual violence, and preventative interventions and activities for positive relationship promotion such as understanding sexual consent. Collectively, this research aims to understand perpetration, victimization, social/psychological outcomes, policy, law, and best practice for intervention and prevention with a view to promoting safer relationships for all.

RESPECT researchers are from a variety of disciplines including Psychology, Law and Social Work. Together members of the RESPECT Network will collaborate to design, develop, and implement a variety of research projects with the aim of promoting safe relationships for all. To do this we have three work-streams focusing on complementary but distinct areas; 1. Prevalence, 2. Policy, and 3. Prevention.  The three P’s of RESPECT will be discussed in more detail during the launch session.



respect Network launch

The RESPECT Network officially launched the collaboration on November 25th, 2016 at Canal Court Hotel. This event showcased the members of the project as well as the collective vision of the work to be done by the Network. Further information about this event can be found in the Events page.